Robotic Surgery

Although robotic instruments play a significant role in surgical procedures at USMD Hospital at Arlington, it is highly trained physicians who perform the surgery and create the team behind every procedure. The surgeon’s skill, complemented by robot precision, offers benefits to patients undergoing surgery in a variety of specialties.

USMD Hospital at Arlington uses the da Vinci robotic platform for a variety of procedures, including prostatectomies, gynecologic surgeries, Bariatric cases, and kidney cases. The advanced robotic platform of the da Vinci® Si Surgical System is equipped with high definition three-dimensional cameras, which allow doctors to better see each surgical site and instruments, increasing dexterity and control. 

The surgical robot uses a minimally invasive technique, which entails smaller incisions and less tissue damage compared to traditional surgery. Surgeons are able to perform major surgeries through dime-sized incisions, which require only one or two stitches to close. As a result, patients can return to their normal activities in one to two weeks and are at lower risk of developing infection.

To find a doctor who specializes in robotic surgery, visit the USMD Hospital at Arlington Physician Finder

Physicians are independent providers and not employed by USMD Hospital at Arlington, LP.

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