Prostate Cancer in Men Can be Detected Early with a PSA Test

You’ve heard it again and again: early detection is critically important when it comes to fighting cancer—including prostate cancer in men. One in six men will be diagnosed with the disease during his lifetime, and 241,740 new cases will be diagnosed in 2012 alone. The prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test not only detects prostate cancer in men, but identifies who may be at risk for the deadly disease long before they experience symptoms, and who may need treatment for prostate cancer.


The test is simple. A lab technician will draw a small amount of blood that will be screened for prostate-specific antigen (PSA)—a protein produced by cells of the prostate gland.


“About 25 percent of patients with a PSA between 2.5 and 10 are going to have prostate cancer—which is close to one out of four men,” says Justin T. Lee, M.D., executive director and director of robotic surgery at USMD Prostate Cancer Center in Arlington. “Many, many things can cause the PSA to be elevated. Infection, inflammation in the prostate, an enlarged prostate, and some people just make more PSA than others. So it can be elevated for a multitude of reasons.”


Dr. Lee also warns that somedrugs may cause your PSA levels to be falsely low. Let your doctor know if you are taking finasteride, dutasteride, saw palmetto, or antiandrogen drugs such as flutamide, nilutamide and bicalutamide.


But a high PSA level is a red flag that needs to be investigated. “When we see it elevated, we know 25 to 30 percent of people are going to have prostate cancer. So we do a biopsy to rule out cancer,” Dr. Lee says.


“You hear the word “cancer” and you automatically think that it is a death sentence,” says Matthew McGruder, a pastor in Grand Prairie. “That’s not the case. My salvation was that I had been doing an annual PSA ever since I was 50 years old. As a result, we caught mine in time.  I place USMD number one on my list for treatment.”


USMD Prostate Cancer Center in Arlington offers every modality of treatment for prostate cancer—including cryotherapy and cryosurgery, radiation therapy, robotic prostatectomy and high-intensity focused ultra sound. In fact, the center is ranked #4 in the nation for cancer care by prestigious CareChex for its comprehensive approach to compassionate patient care—including the treatment of prostate cancer in men.


Since opening in July 2010, USMD Prostate Cancer Center has successfully treated thousands of men with prostate cancer. "It's been an honor to treat men from across the country, and we look forward to providing our patients with individualized treatment for prostate cancer for years to come," says John House, M.D., a board-certified urologist and chairman and chief executive officer of USMD Holdings.


“If I was to sum up my total experience with my prostate cancer procedure, my experience with Dr. Justin Lee and USMD Prostate Cancer Center, the one word I would describe is success,” says Philip Wallace following a robotic prostatectomy at USMD Prostate Cancer Center. “I couldn’t ask for a better doctor, a better hospital or better results. And I am so grateful, so thankful for Dr. Justin Lee and USMD Prostate Cancer Center.”


To schedule an appointment with one of the urologists affiliated with USMD Cancer Center, call 888.444.USMD.

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