Don’t Let Erectile Dysfunction Get You Down

Has erectile dysfunction (ED) got you down? You’re not alone. About 20 percent of men 20 and older suffer from a loss of libido and ED. By age 70, nearly 50 percent of men have difficulty getting or keeping an erection. Thanks to advances in modern medicine, there are a variety of very effective medications and other ED treatments that can help you enjoy sex again. But you’ve got to be willing to talk with your physician—something that may be easier said than done considering nearly half of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are too embarrassed to talk about it.  Still, diagnosis is an important key to successful ED treatment. 

ED can be caused by a variety of factors. The natural aging process certainly plays a role—testosterone levels tend to drop off when men hit the big 4-0. Damaged nerves, muscles or blood vessels can be culprits, too, along with prolonged stress at home or work. But erectile dysfunction can also signal more serious health issues that need medical attention—including high blood pressure, plaque build up in the body’s blood vessels, diabetes or cardiovascular disease. The unhealthy diet, exercise and lifestyle habits that put you at risk for heart attack and stroke, can also leave your ego, libido and penis deflated.  

Can broccoli boost your sex drive?

Long-term lifestyle changes may be among the most important ED treatments there are. If you smoke, stop. Don’t use illegal drugs, and limit the amount of alcohol you consume. Cut out fatty foods. And get up off the couch! Regular exercise will not only help you drop the excess pounds you may have packed on, it can help lower your blood pressure and improve circulation to every part of your body.

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and low fat or nonfat dairy products. Just one or two servings of chrysin-rich veggies like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage every day can help boost your sex drive! Who needs a little blue pill when there’s broccoli, right?

Of course, one of the caring board-certified urologists at USMD Hospital at Arlington can help identify the specific cause of your erectile dysfunction and prescribe an ED treatment that is right for you.

Call (888)444-USMD for a free physician referral. It’s the first step to putting erectile dysfunction to bed.     



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